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Herefordshire Care Homes aim to consistently provide a service that exceeds the “Essential Standards of Quality and Safety” as established by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) .In addition to these legal responsibilities we aim to provide a service that has been developed and planned with a strong emphasis on user involvement.

Service User groups

In order to make a reality of user involvement, we have established service user groups to assist in the planning and delivery of our services. These groups were formed after a consultation exercise asking service users how they would like to be involved. The result of the exercise revealed that service users want to be involved with all aspects of service planning from activities and nutrition through to staff recruitment.


The groups Head of Quality & Compliance holds a BA (Hon’s) degree in Health & Social Care and is currently undertaking the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) Diploma and has worked in the company since its inception.

The purpose of this post is to ensure that service users consistently receive a quality service in which they are fully involved. This is done by:

• Meeting with service user groups

• Analysis of satisfaction surveys

• Auditing the “essential standards of quality and safety”

• Presents findings from the audits to the Management Group.

• Production of an annual quality report.

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