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HCH Winter Newsletter

Coldwells walk for Health and Happiness

We are loving our “Walking for Health and Happiness“ here at Coldwells. Our residents are already noticing the benefits from our morning walk in the country. Fresh air; getting fitter; socialising with each other; keeping joints flexible (Rene’s knee was very stiff before the walk yet she was first up and down the hills!) - Our residents’ health and well-being will continue to improve in so many ways by just continuing to join in with our daily walks. Today we walked up the country lanes and sat in The Rose Gardens pub gardens for a rest. Such a beautiful morning, not a cloud in the sky. The discussion? Continue to get fit on our daily walks and be fit enough to visit Queenswood in April to see the bluebells, and have a lovely walk around the trails. Then onto our next challenge Symonds Yat in May!! Watch this space! Go All Team Coldwells!!

Residents From Highwell House visit Elan Valley

What a beautiful day to visit the Elan Valley Geoff, Shirley & Elsie loved it! The dams are all chock full of water, a spectacular site .The fresh air certainly fuelled their appetite too, the fish & chips went down tremendously well, lovely trip

Hazelhurst launch the new fragrance soap for 2019

This is our newest fragrance of soap. Cedar Tree, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree and Pine Tar which can help with eczema and psoriasis acne etc.
The butterflies are made from donated old aluminium cans. The pink flowers are also made by the residents along with family and friends.
Please contact Tim Hall at Hazelhurst if you would like to buy any of our lovely handmade soaps.

Trip to Laylocks

Some days are better for Anna than others, so it’s wonderful when she feels able to go out . Anna loved this trip to Laylocks garden centre yesterday. I know the fresh air & change of scene did her the power of good. Sometimes you have to rethink your day & make hay whilst the sun shines. A fabulous Red2Green day

The Good Old Days

Do you remember parma violets, pear drops, liquorice torpedos or even flumps? Well, these are just some of the wonderful range of retro items that Andrew and his wonderful Reminiscence Sweet Shop came to show us in the New Year. Our residents had a “sweet” time enjoying the traditional sweets that Andrew brought with him and it sparked conversations and childhood memories as we all chatted about which were our favourite sweets when we were children. My favourite were pontefract cakes what were your favourites? Andrew bought an old fashioned till with him so our residents could pay for their sweets in old pennies and half pennies and he then took a basket of all his sweets and visited all our other residents who were unable to attend the shop. Andrew even sang some 1940’s songs. His visit created a positive “buzz” around our Home that day. Residents thoroughly enjoyed the sweet shop visit and to hear the many discussions/conversations that residents were having about their childhood memories was just "truly scrumptious!"