Latest News at Herefordshire Care Homes

HCH Winter Newsletter

Hazelhurst launch the new Handmade Soap Fragrances

Tim and the residents of Hazelhurst have been at the soap making again with some new fragrances for the autumn. Please contact Tim if you would like to purchase any. The make fantastic Christmas Presents

Hazelhurst are flying with their Red2Green

We reset every morning to red 3 pm daily we meet as a team (every dept) and discuss positive interactions with residents and meaningful time to make their day positive. We then swap the red balls to green balls for those residents and spend the rest of our day trying to make green days for the remaining residents. Oh and Serena came up with the Tree idea. I can't take credit for this one...

Highwell House join in with "National Elf Day"

Now there’s Red2Green & there’s RED2GREEN team Highwell loving life for National Elf Day! Raising funds for the Alzheimer’s Society today. Even Ted Trudi dog is getting involved in Red 2Green

Hazelhursts Resident of the Day "Red2Green"

Finally....Margaret goes to Ross labels. She has worked hard doing her physio to get strong enough for this trip. Margaret ate lunch with Serena and I and it was wonderful. Green day for sure! Tracy was off duty and doing her Christmas Shopping. should have seen her face when she looked up and saw Margaret . Margaret also bought her some fabulous new slippers...

Italian Fine Dining at Charnwood

Last week we were proud to host our very first Fine Dine Event. Italian cuisine was our theme, due to information gathered as part Giavanna’s transition plan. We felt it important to uphold her cultural heritage and kept in mind she has been described by her family as always enjoying a good party. This turned a red day to a green day for all residents involved for many different reasons. Henry was able to use his hotelier experience in assisting to prepare the room and with welcoming our guests. Barbara and Sheila had invited along our Volunteer Poet as a guest, and lots of good conversation was heard. Brian and Bertha were able to spend quality social time with their loved ones and romance reignited between our married couple Betty and Ken. As a home we would like to thank our kitchen team, Mark and Nicky, and Ellie, a young Duke of Edinburgh student who kindly came along to play some beautiful music with her harp.